3 comments on “August 2016 MEMUG

  1. Hi all,

    I’m disappointed I couldn’t make it to today’s MEMUG Meeting! (Too much on my plate today.) I was looking forward to not only the new information, but the opportunity to pick some brains afterwards.

    Are any of you managing company-owned mobile devices, like Android Tablets and iPads, and if so, what are you using to standardize settings, updates, and apps across them? That is, we care more about managing the devices themselves than about the users using the devices — similar to how we use SCCM to push applications to Windows PCs. I know that Intune can be used for things like making sure the device is secure enough to connect to resources. Is it the right tool for app management as well, or is there a better way? Thanks for your advice!


    • Cara,

      I’m a local specialist in Intune / MDM / EMS and do a lot of demos with MEMUG. I’ve done Intune presentations at MEMUG in the past, but if you want, I’d be glad to follow up to help you determine the right solution for the job. You can email me direct at joe.kuster @ catapultsystems.com (just remove the spaces in the email address which are my feeble attempt to reduce spam).

      Intune is pretty powerful, including on the application management side, but there are other parts of the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security product (which includes Intune) that you might want to consider as it dovetails with several other solutions that are included in the same license.


      Joe Kuster
      Managing Consultant
      Catapult Systems

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